More scifi weapons, more WW2 weapons are coming

28/01/2009 14:34
Hi. Now please let me show my new project.  I will make more weapons. Since scifi stuff is so hot, so my new pack will be a scifi weapon.And also, WW2 weapons pack is a good idea.The problem is time. I need more time , you know, so please wait . :) Some of them: sten submachine gun M3...

Chinese website reports fps creator game

12/09/2008 14:44
 A chinese website reports a special pc game which is named  《Rober.D.Anderson & The Legacy of Cthulhu》.Every fps creator user should knows it well. It is a famous fpsc style pc game. It is called one of "the best of the best" games  in fpsc creator history. In...

Tutorail on how to make a fpsc ready weapon with milkshape 3d

08/09/2008 09:58
This is my first tutorail . it is on how to make a gun model animated in milkshape 3d and how to make it fpsc ready. Do you want to become a weapon modeler ? Do you want to make your custom guns in fpsc game ? DO you want to be a fpsc ready weapon seller? Do you want your modelling skill...

BFG_inside church model pack

26/08/2008 09:47
 Now , I am making an inside church model pack. They are bibles, candlesticks , pews, cross and so on . The idea comes from several friends in fpsc forum. At first, I only planed to make some bibles model. They are so smart. The idea of inside church model pack is really a good creation. Sorry...


04/07/2008 18:15
Here it is. Worriers, take it and kill.   video:    

Project: G36C

25/06/2008 13:19
Now it looks like this. I am still working on it . coming soon.Enjoy it.

The additional model in BFG_industry model pack.

22/06/2008 19:39
   In my post , I've anounced that the pack include an additional model. So what is it? (look at my post), now the answer is : a longladder.    We have had two short ladder/stairs in the pack, of course ,we need a long ladder to climb high walls.   From then on , every pack...

BFG_industry model pack is released

19/06/2008 11:23
Hi,all. It's time to show the whole pack. BFG_industry model pack: 3 boxes 1 cabinet 2 ladder/stairs 1 board 1 platform 1 shelf 1 lifter For this is my first model pack, so the PRICE: 1.5 $ 1 special gift for free( what is it?) use paypal If you are interested in it, please go to...

Project : G36C

15/06/2008 21:00
    I am making a new weapon model: German Army's G36C rifle.It will be fpsc ready.Now the 3d model is almost done.Next step,I will make it animated.I haven't planed to add hands to it.But it is with hands, maybe more like a professional work.    

BFG_industry model pack is coming soon.

09/06/2008 10:20
I am working on My industry model pack for fpsc.This pack will include boxes, cabinets,ladders, and so on . Some entities has been compeleted already.Check them on TGC forums.