BFG_MP18 sub-machine gun Price : 2.50 $

BFG_MP18 sub-machine gun  Price :  2.50 $


The Maschinen Pistole Modell 1918, or M.P.18.I in short, was developed by Louis Schmeisser (father of another famous gun designer Hugo Schmeisser). The weapon was developed in 1917 on request from Imperial German Army, which required a compact, yet highly effective weapon for short-range fighting in trenches of World War One. Working at the factory of Theodor Bergmann, Schmeisser produced a simple and effective automatic weapon, which fired standard pistol cartridge, P.Patr.08, better known as 9x19 Luger. Early prototypes were tested with double-row box magazines which held 20 rounds, but Army insisted on adoption of a 32-round snail-drum magazine (TM08), originally produced for Luger's P08 "Parabellum" pistol. This awkward magazine was probably the main drawback of entire system, as it was awkward to carry, load and manipulate, and quite unreliable in combat. Nevertheless, at least 30 000 of M.P.18.I submachine guns were built before Armistice in 1918, and at least 10 000 of those reached German troops at the fronts. Soon after the end of WW1, Schmeisser converted his weapon back to more convenient and reliable box magazines, and this weapon saw limited use by police of Weimar republic.
It must be noted that M.P.18.I is considered as the world's first practical submachine gun, and it set the pattern for most weapons of its class.


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 Price:  2.50 $